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Getting to Net Zero: Accelerating a Green Economic Recovery

We need to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; they are affecting everything from the air we breathe to our food and water supply. Most of the world has ratified the Paris Agreement with plans to help curb the rising global temperature by reducing GHG emissions. Canada, specifically, has committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Many groups are working hard and making great inroads to reduce GHG emissions. If we are going meet this goal, we will need to do more.

Accomplishing something as ambitious as “net zero by 2050” means coming together, pooling our resources and knowledge, and designing a winning approach. What if an economic recovery could also accelerate progress on clean energy — accomplishing both goals with funding already earmarked for helping the economy recover?

EfficiencyOne has developed Getting to Net Zero: Accelerating a Green Economic Recovery, a paper that outlines the path to net zero by highlighting proven approaches to reducing emissions, based on these five themes: Efficiency First, Partnerships, Regional Recovery, Innovative Finance, and Equitable transition.

Read the full paper here